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Decorate Using Traditional African Decor

Add touches of Africa to your home decor when you shop at Arts Africains. We travel to Africa and bring back items that can become a part of your home. These cultural pieces allow you to feel as though you have stepped into Africa while still in the oasis of your own home.

Colorful Mud Cloths, Mali

Hanging Kuba Cloth from the Congo, Central Africa

Art Pieces Reflecting Village Life in Africa

Wooden Statues, Guinea, West Africa

Handmade Baskets

Our Bolga Baskets are handmade from hand-woven grass. This type of basket is originally used to go to the market. Placed in your living room, these baskets can be functional or purely just for decoration.

Elephants Masks from Cameroon, Central Africa, Uniquely Handcrafted Using Copper and Brass Metals


Elephants masks from Cameroon, central Africa, uniquely handcrafted using copper and brass metals.

Côte D'Ivoire Mask

Côte D'Ivoire Mask

Gouro Mask

Gouro Mask



Cultural Chairs

Make a statement in your home by adding one of our collectible chairs. We have chairs from various tribes, including Ashanti, Senufo, and Cameroon chairs. These chairs range in price from $75.00 to $750.00. Our amazingly soft pillows made from African textiles fit perfectly in these chairs.


African Instruments

When hung on your wall, the African instruments we offer make a fantastic conversation piece. We have Djembae (Drums) and Balafon (Xylophones). These are everyday instruments in Africa used for parties, weddings and other events. You can bring home one of them for $25.00 to $250.00, depending on the instrument. Each item is fully functional, so you can learn how to play them if you prefer.

Brass and Wood Hand Carved Chairs from GhanaAfrican Instruments from Ghana

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