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Hear Our Past Customers Experiences

At Arts Africains, we strive to always provide you with the best products. Our African art consists of all handmade items that we have brought back from Africa. Through our company, you can incorporate African culture into your wardrobe and home without having to travel.


"The store takes a customer on a tour to the wonders of Africa! Many available products; clothes, jewelry, and great gifts at affordable prices. The service is excellent. The best service and knowledge. I love going to Arts Africains."
- Noelle Marshall

"I support black-owned businesses. It's great to see this place thriving."
- Amani Skinner

"Cool collection of mostly hand-made stuff. A must visit even just to see what's there. Try the Shea butter, and that will convince you about the quality of the rest of the stuff they are selling"
- Nasa Rouf

"I love this store finding my self. Beautiful pieces and so helpful i feel so com comfortable thank you for the wonderful first time experience in your store"
- Latoya D.

"The Shea butters are awesome!!! The atmosphere of the store is so welcoming! I can't wait to go back"
- Brinae N. D.

"To Arts Africains, It was my first time going to this store and my sister insisted we go so that she can get waistbeads. But when we got there we were distracted by everything else, she ended up buying me Shea Butter Strawberry. I just wanted to tell you guys I put this lotion on my face everyday morning and night, at night I wake up with the same glow! This lotion has cleared my acne!! I've tried so many remedies like charcoal mask, African soap from beauty supply store, baking soda cleanser...NONE cleared my skin the way your product did!! I WILL be reviewing this and recommending your store on my YouTube!"
- Dejah Taylor-Hudson

 I was in your shop in late July and purchased two beautiful dresses. I'm a curvy Queen and very busty often finding it difficult to purchase garb off the hanger. To my delight, I found two of the most beautiful dresses ever at the best price ever!!! The staff was a beautiful Sistha that was knowledgeable, honest and helpful and the MUSIC was AWESOME. I felt relaxed and at home. Since this experience, I have decided that I would purchase a dress a month. It takes more than a Village, it takes loyalty and dedication... See ya'll next weekend when I come for another Outfit!
Peace and Blessings
- Oloya Tyehimba-Ford

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